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My name is Giorgio Robino. I'm from Genova, Italy. My nickname, solyarisoftware, is a tribute to Andrej Tarkovskij's movie SOLYARIS.

I'm an engineer and researcher in "Conversational AI" verticals. I'm generally interested in voice/voiceonly multimodal interfaces (ASR/TTS) but I'm especially focused in dialog management and task-oriented realtime "assistants" that help human operator to complete real world working tasks. I call this kind of assistants: "Enterpise Voice Cobots".

As Italian, I'm especially focused in the italian accademies and industries ecosystem (in natural language processing realms), and I realized in 2016 a first italian open conference #convcomp2016 about "conversational computing". Afterward I maintained the related blog: where I try to share articles about topics related to chatbots/voicebots/virtual assistants. I'm also pretty active on twitter, where I share and chat/rant just only about conversational AI/voice related stuff.

My current day job is "Conversational AI Tech Lead" in the Italian company, where I'm now working in R%D projects, especially in ehealth realms.

Of course I'm supporter of opensource and opendata also in voice realms. As free-time beside project, I published small open source projects:

Last but not least, I have been an ambient music maker as SOLYARIS MUSIC.