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Who's OpenVoice-Tech Wiki for?

For people like you (and me) and all people with passion for open voice technology. It should be a central knowledgebase across all open voice related projects. As an active member on some great open voice communities i regularly see great exchange on knowledge which is getting lost in tons of chat messages. So i thought we should have a central place where we all can collect knowledge. It is not about super fancy formatted articles, it's just about the content.

Who i am

I am that "Thorsten" guy from Germany, who's a technology enthusiast with passion for Open Voice Technology. You might know me from:

What i wish

I really hope that you find this Wiki idea helpful. If this is the case i'd love your help on adding content or improve existing content or discuss for better structure or ... .

Please keep in mind, that i alone cannot keep this Wiki alive. So any help and contribution is highly appreciated :-).