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Genie is an open-source toolkit for building conversational agents in a cost-effective fashion, and a privacy-preserving reference virtual assistant.

Genie is built by the Stanford Open Virtual Assistant Lab (OVAL)[1].

"We have built the first "browser" to the World Wide Voice Web, our Genie open-source virtual assistant. To scale up cost-effectively, we have created a Pretrained Agent Generator that can produce transactional dialogue agents from just database schemas, API signatures, and a few samples of natural language utterances.

We are now ready to apply it to the WWW. The idea is to standardize on APIs and provide open pretrained agents that interface to the APIs. For example, restaurants provide a menu and an ordering API in the standardized format, and they get a voice agent for ordering food. We believe an open, decentralized voice web (WWvW) will surpass any proprietary walled gardens.

Decentralization of the voice web promotes equal opportunity, global inclusion and accessibility, and consumer privacy."[1]

Genie is a core component of the Stanford Open Virtual Assistant 2.0 Platform (previously called Almond).

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