Removing unwanted recording from Mimic-Recording-Studio

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You made an unwanted/bad recording in Mycrofts Mimic-Recording-Studio (MRS) and instead of skipping or re-recording the phrase you accepted that recording. Now you want to remove it before continuing your recording session?

Steps to solve problem[edit | edit source]

  1. Stop Mimic-Recording-Studio
  2. Find the recorded file in your MRS directory (eg: <MRS-BaseDir>/backend/audio_files/<GUID of recording session>/<GUID of recording>.wav)
  3. "Remember" the GUID of the "bad" recording
  4. Delete the file from audio_files directory
  5. Remove recording from <GUID>-metadata.txt file (this step is optional)
  6. Open SQLite DB with a Tool like DBeaver (<MRS-BaseDir>/backend/db/mimicstudio.db)
  7. Run following SQL query:
DELETE FROM audiomodel WHERE audio_id = '<GUID of recording>';
UPDATE usermodel SET prompt_num = prompt_num - 1 WHERE uuid = '<GUID of Recording Session>';
  1. Close SQLite DB connection
  2. Restart Mimic-Recording-Studio