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Welcome to OpenVoice-Tech Wiki

A place for everyone sharing passion and knowledge for open voice technology.

Open across all voice projects

We currently have 249 pages and 82 registered users here.

But a wiki for all open voice enthusiasts cannot be driven by one person alone. Do you like the idea of this site?

Please help by sharing your thoughts and/or add more information/pages.

What's planned

Following things are planned to come.

  • Technical information, best-practice, lessons-learned about STT, TTS, open voice assistants
  • Voice related paper information and discussion
  • Newsticker with voice related announcements
  • any more ideas? Let's discuss here
Want to contribute to the Wiki?

That's great, thanks for your support.

Requested articles that should be created:
Intent‏‎ (2 links), Pytorch‏‎ (2 links), Tensorflow‏‎ (2 links), Alignment‏‎ (1 link), Batch size‏‎ (1 link), Chatbots‏‎ (1 link), Checkpoint‏‎ (1 link), Command-and-control‏‎ (1 link), Continue Coqui TTS training based on checkpoint‏‎ (1 link), Deep learning‏‎ (1 link), Deepspeech‏‎ (1 link), Dialog manager‏‎ (1 link), Epoch‏‎ (1 link), Espeak‏‎ (1 link), Finetune existing Coqui TTS model‏‎ (1 link), GPT-3‏‎ (1 link), Home-automation‏‎ (1 link), Homophon‏‎ (1 link), Hotword‏‎ (1 link), Howl‏‎ (1 link), Human-in-the-loop‏‎ (1 link), IBM Watson‏‎ (1 link), Inference‏‎ (1 link), Instant-messaging‏‎ (1 link), Internationale Phonetische Alphabet‏‎ (1 link), Lautsprache‏‎ (1 link), Learning rate‏‎ (1 link), Liste der IPA-Zeichen‏‎ (1 link), Machine learning‏‎ (1 link), Mimic-Recording-Studio‏‎ (1 link), Mixed-initiative‏‎ (1 link), Model‏‎ (1 link), Mycroft in French‏‎ (1 link), Mycroft in Spanish‏‎ (1 link), Phonemes‏‎ (1 link), Repository‏‎ (1 link), Scribosermo‏‎ (1 link), Snowboy‏‎ (1 link), Speaker‏‎ (1 link), Speaker identification‏‎ (1 link), Step‏‎ (1 link), Thorsten voice‏‎ (1 link), Transcoding‏‎ (1 link), Using Thorsten (2020) DCA model with Coqui‏‎ (1 link), Using Thorsten (2021) Forward Tacotron Model‏‎ (1 link), Utterance‏‎ (1 link), Voice print‏‎ (1 link), Voicebots‏‎ (1 link), WWvW‏‎ (1 link) and Word error rate‏‎ (1 link)
List articles here you would like to see here: